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[14 Sep 2007|02:48pm]

Light the night is an annual walk put on by the leukemia and lymphoma foundation. They raise hundreds of thousands of dollars every year and this year I'm participating. I have 9 days to make my goal of $300, but of course would like to acheive even higher. If you want to make a donation to help me out and benefit this fabulous charity, use the following link


if you want to sign up for your own walk and get your own donation page, go to lightthenight.org.

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[19 Jun 2007|03:47pm]

Hey guys I'm Mel and I'm 18 from Canada. I'm new to this community and would love to meet some new people.
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[05 Jun 2006|06:09am]

[ mood | Head cold.... groan ]

Hey people.   I'm new,  and this communtiy seems really cool.  Looking for new friends, just random stuff, is twelve soontobe13  ((am slightly in need off a hug))  and likes to write alot.  So, hi.  :)

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[07 May 2006|10:54am]

new here! looking for some interesting friends so peace.
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Hi guys!!! [04 Jan 2006|01:30pm]

[ mood | bored ]

*Hey guys im new here and it looked like a pretty open and relaxed community. I'm not really into all that rating mess, just a big contest. Anyway, I'm 19 live in Jacksonville, Florida. Love to talk!!! Look forward to meeting everyone :)

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[26 Sep 2005|03:30pm]

Guys this isn't much related to... well... anything but I REALLY need your help (specifically if you do drugs, drink alcohol, or smoke cigarettes/did so while you were in high school)

My friend and I are doing a project for Psychology and it's sort of due tomorrow. We had to give an enormous amount of people these surveys and we need an equal amount of people who do drugs and who don't to take them. The problem? Only 10 or so people admitted to doing so while about 40 said they DON'T do drugs. Unfortunately, we can't use this because we don't have enough information right now.

So, I know this is totally random and annoying, but if you'd be awesome enough to take this survey for me, my friend and I would love you more than you possibly know.

ANSWER ANONYMOUSLY if you so please

If you're out of high school, just use the grades you got (on average) while you where there.

And Mods of any communities, if you hate me for posting this I'll delete it... it's just REALLY important at the moment, unfortunately.

Psych survey :-/Collapse )
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[15 Sep 2005|07:57pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hi I'm new.. It is way cool to have a comm. that welcomes everyone. :-)

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~^.^~ [02 Sep 2005|09:29am]

[ mood | mischievous ]

25 Ways To Tell He’s The Perfect Guy (25 things reminding me why i love my man)



1. He knows how to make you smile when you are down. (even though sometimes he's the one who makes me sad)
2. He tries to secretly smell your hair, but you always notice.  (i'm not sure if he does this... but if he does... i haven't noticed )
3. He sticks up for you, but still respects your independence.  (he's my hero...)
4. He’s his own person and has his own life, even though you mean the world to him. (... and baseball)
5. He comes up behind you and put his arms around you. (or he comes up infront of me and puts his arms around me to get his hands on my ass...)
6. He plays with your hair. (if by 'plays' you mean batting it out of his face and tucking it under a pillow while he lays on my head... then yes...)
7. His hands always find yours.  (and if by 'yours' you mean my ass... then yes...)
8. He’s cute when he really wants something. (oh yes... yes... too cute... so cute it makes me want to take off my shoe and hit him with it repeatedly...)
9. He offer’s you plenty of massages. (if by 'offers' you mean asking me to rub his back... then yes...)
10. He dances with you, even if he feels like a dork. (sometimes we'll slow-dance a bit in the hallway... but if we dance... he'll think i'm the dork...)
11. He never runs out of love. (or gas...)
12. He knows how to be funny, but knows how to be serious. (... he's got the funny part down pact...)
13. He is patient when you take forever to get ready and realize that it's for him. (... wtfz~ he takes longer than me!  such a woman...)
14. He reacts so cutely when you hit him and it actually hurts. (... well...)
15. He smiles a lot. (and its so sexy, too...)
16. He plans a romantic date full of cheesy things he wouldn't normally like to do, just because he knows it means a lot to you. (... i dunno... he's pretty cheesy normally...)
17. He appreciates you. (and he does dishes to boot...)
18. He can be somewhat mysterious. (mysterious... hrmmmm... theres a thought...)
19. He’ll drive 5 hours just to see you for 1. (5 hours... 40 miles... same diff in new york traffic, right?)
20. He always gives you a peck on the cheek when you depart from each others company, even when his friends are watching. (cheek?  what the hell is this cheek nonsense?!  must be for the french...)
21. He cuddles a lot. (... even when he's all sweaty and hot...)
22. He has a creative sense of humor.  (and if by 'creative'... you mean crass and tactless... then yes)
23. He just stares at you because he thinks you’re beautiful. (i like to tell myself that... when i really know he's prolly daydreaming about baseball... but yea... he stares all the time!)
24. He calls for no reason.  (no... no... thats my thing...)
25. He is able to make you feel like you are the only girl that truly matters.  (even when he calls me 'his fatty'...) 

why do you love your man?

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[27 Jul 2005|10:02am]

[ mood | creative ]

chapstick:  the addiction

after my post yesterday about my hobo bag and the insane amount of useless things i contain inside, i recieved several comments that really bloomed into an interesting discovery.  chapstick.

as i read the comments i noticed that almost everyone seemed to have thier 'room' for chapstick!  may it be from those like me who suffer from the handbag that seemed to accumulate and magnify intrinsically~ or those who assert that they do not require so much as a small purse since they make due with the pocket of thier jeans or thier hubby/boyfriend's pockets... chapstick... everyone has chapstick!

quick little google research rendered a slew of websites and messageboards dedicated to:  The Addiction of Chapstick.  and i thought to myself... i am not alone!  i'm not the only person whom rain or shine, hot or cold, sweaty or dehydrated~ wether my lips are plump and moist or dry and peeling--applies my faithful cherry flavored lip balm to my beseeching embouchement.


is it the flavor?  the cherry, the mint, the mint-cherries of the world!  on our lips!
is it the smell?  the fruity, the sweet, the tart-and-tangy that's oh so yummy! 
is it the convivial glow it provides to our kisser?  making our pucker so desireable, its futile to resist?!

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[20 Jun 2005|12:41pm]

title or description

an awesome rating community with awesome mods and members!
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[26 May 2005|02:17pm]

Please check out our community:http://www.livejournal.com/community/for_your_eyes/

We focus on alternative journalling.

More about the communityCollapse )
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[03 May 2005|09:53am]

Hey everyone - I'm totally going to promote & if that's no acceptable then please delete. I won't be offended.

I created a community a few days ago that is JUST getting off the ground. It's for military wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, etc. mostly based in southern California BUT I do have one member who is on the east coast & it's not like I'm going to hate her or something.

Check it out if you're interested!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


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[29 Apr 2005|06:42pm]

[ mood | indifferent ]

Hi, I just stumbled upon this community and thought it sounded like fun and a good place to vent. Check out my profile if your interested in making some friends. I'm new here so I don't know many people so it'd be awesome if you's add me to your list, please comment or check out my journal/profile first so I know who you are.
Rock on

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lemme know if promotions aren't allowed [04 Apr 2005|06:57pm]

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you all know that a friend of mine jovichick27 and I created an awesome new online love community. Amanda's been with her guy for 3 years offline since they met online which I think is completely awesome and I've been with my boyfriend Matt for 2 years online. If you're in an online relationship, or have questions about how they function or what it's like, please feel free to join. It's extremely new, so there aren't many members as of yet, but the more people to join the faster it'll become active! So please join! I'd really really REALLY appreciate it!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.com _online_love_
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[03 Apr 2005|11:34pm]
Hi! This community seemed really cool. So I joined.
Ha, duh.

I'll try to post and stuff, you guys seem pretty cool.

Que sera, sera
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[21 Mar 2005|09:27pm]

god is in the tv
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Gossip Girls. [10 Mar 2005|08:31pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

So, the title..sombody I know was gossiping. I passed the gossip on. Thats all there is to it, I should have minded my own business and kept my mouth shut. A person was hurt, and now? Sombody else is angry at me. I feel bad for what I did. I just want to be forgiven. I hope I can be. It was a mistake. *sigh* Well, I really hope all of this turns out okay.

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x-posted [26 Feb 2005|09:00pm]

"Self Injury Awareness Day - March 1st
1st March is Self Injury Awareness Day.

SIAD is a global awareness day, and yet it is not supported by any nations' governments, because it is a grass-roots idea. Somehow, in the mists of time, the date was set as the 1st of March, and organizations around the world make extra efforts to raise awareness ready for SIAD.

The color for some reason is orange. Some people wear an orange ribbon, but in the past SIAD bracelets have been worn:

- Orange beads if you self harm;
- Orange and white if you used to;
- White if you have never self harmed but understand.

If you agree that people should be made aware of this issue and this day, re-post this in your journal.
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which one? [24 Feb 2005|10:14pm]

[ mood | lethargic ]

which is worse:

  1. barely eating
  2. kind of cutting yourself


ok, ok.  i know both of them are very bad, but if i'm not doing one, its like i have an urge to do the other.

so, which does less damage?? when i "cut" myself the marks are gone within a week or so, i'm not cutting deep or anything.  and when i barely eat, i eat enough so that i'm not starving.  i do not starve myself.

i was just wondering..

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[12 Feb 2005|02:22pm]

[ mood | content ]

hey.. i found this picture..
thought you guys might like it =)

Picture. =)Collapse )

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